Servers are characters who take customers' orders and can be hired by the player after reaching 2,000 points in Papa's Pastaria and Papa's Donuteria.

What They Do Edit

Ordering Edit

Servers will come to the Ordering Station in place of customers and tell you what the customer wants. They can come multiple times in one game.

Serving Edit

Once the dish is finished, a short cutscene appears in which they are at the table where the food is then ranked by the customer .

Creation Edit

Custom servers can be made, but players also have the option of creating a custom character . Custom workers were first created in Papa's Wingeria .

Premade Characters Edit

The premade characters available as servers are the same characters available as the main worker. They are:

Papa's Donuteria:

  • Tony
  • Scooter

Papa's Pastaria:

  • Utah
  • Doan

Other FactsEdit

In Papa's Donuteria, Workers are more customizable, including having the ability to mix and match bangs and hairstyles and change the body.